Granola with honey

Published on 05/17/2016

Granola with honey provides an exceptionally healthy and well-balanced combination, thanks to being composed of cereals and honey, natural products with beneficial properties for the human body.


The benefits of granola with honey


Looking for a nutritious, balanced breakfast as part of a healthy diet? We suggest you try granola with honey.


Granola is a breakfast cereal which can be cooked and presented in the form of a bar. It is generally composed of oat grains with honey, sometimes supplemented with almonds, other ancient grains and dried fruit. As a cereal product, health professionals recommend eating it every day, alongside fruit and vegetables.


In addition to honey’s well-known benefits in terms of strengthening the immune system, granola is also beneficial to the body thanks to its oat content. Oats, especially if whole or enriched, are composed of soluble fibres which can help ensure good intestinal transit and regulate levels of cholesterol, insulin and glucose. It is also worth noting that oats are the cereal richest in lipids, particularly unsaturated fatty acids which are essential for the body.


Example of a granola and honey recipe


As suggested above, the recipe for granola, based on oats and honey, can be reworked by adding other ingredients. Here, we suggest that you try granola and honey with raisins and walnuts.


To prepare the recipe, you will need:


- 4 cups of oats


- 2 cups of chopped hazelnuts


- 1 cup of raisins


- 3/4 cup of honey


- 1/2 cup of butter


- 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon


- 1 teaspoon of vanilla


Begin by mixing the oats, hazelnuts and raisins in a bowl. Then bring the butter, vanilla and cinnamon to the bowl in a saucepan for one minute. Then mix everything together and pour onto a baking tray, which you will place in the oven at 180°C for around twenty minutes. Then leave to cool and cut into eight pieces.



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