Mustard with honey

Published on 05/17/2016

Whether bought from a shop or homemade, mustard always has its place as part of a meal, with numerous types and flavours available. Lots of different ingredients can be mixed with mustard, and one of these is honey. A rather unusual combination, perhaps, but a very pleasant one too.


Enjoy lots of tastes at once, plus a little heat


With its highly distinctive taste, mustard can be simultaneously acidic, bitter, salty and spicy. It is a condiment which lends itself to every culinary whim. Among other things, mustard can be prepared with honey to add sweetness. This is a condiment idea which is already commercially available, but it is also very easy to make it yourself. It is a question of simply choosing the right mustard, then the right type of honey depending on taste and aroma. The mustard will easily incorporate the flavour of the honey. It is best to prepare a medium quantity, adding honey little by little, thus making it possible to keep tasting the mixture to identify the correct combination. You may also wish to consider grinding mustard seeds, adding white wine, salt, turmeric, vinegar and herbs. Finally, add the desired amount of honey. This is a DIY condiment which will keep for at least two months.


Must-have mustard


The condiment known as mustard is obtained using the seeds of the plant of the same name. These seeds, around 1 mm in diameter, are contained in pods, and are picked before reaching maturity, then dried. Depending on the variety of plant, mustard seeds may be white, brown or black. It is the latter (brassica nigra) which are used to produce the famous Dijon mustard. It is interesting to note that mustard seeds do not start out spicy. A natural chemical process releases allyl senevol, the essential oil which gives the mustard its hot taste. Originally, mustard was fermented with vinegar, before verjuice or white wine began to be used a little later. Mustard ranks in third place among the world’s most commonly used condiments, behind salt and pepper.



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