Augier & Fils is a French, people-oriented company which has been producing honey in Vaison La Romaine, Provence for 4 generations, combining tradition and savoir-faire.

Our family-run business was founded in 1929 by Louis Augier. He started harvesting nature's most precious golden nectar produced by industrious bees, and as the first beekeeper in the Augier family, his talent was rewarded in 1935 with a 1st Prize at the (QUEL EVENEMENT ? - MANQUE AUSSI DANS LA VERSION FR) in Paris for his renowned extra fine Lavender honey.


Since then, the Augier family has continued doing what it knows how to do best: supplying the finest French honey from Provence, taking advantage of the best quality blooms of lavender, rosemary and other typical varieties from the guarrigue, growing under the warm Mediterrean sun.


Louis's son André then expanded the apiary to a thousand bee hives and endeavoured to make his father's enterprise more fruitful. In the seventies, it was Bernard's turn to develop the bees-ness (HAHAHA), making the family's honey widely available across the South-East of France. Today, "master honey maker" Pierrick, Bernard's own son, is responsible for honey production and makes every effort to ensure that each and every spoonful of our honey jars will give your taste buds a treat and tickle your palate with its unique taste.


In 2015, Philippe Roche joined the team to share his own passion for authentic, locally-sourced honey with the family so that Augier & Fils could benefit from his expertise and continue to grow. After building a career in the food-processing industry for many years, he received support from two organisation ("Initiative Ventoux" & "Entreprendre Rhône Durance") to help him with his initiative.