Augier & Fils cares about authenticity and transparency.


Our honey has always been synonymous with high-range quality:


  •          our products are always meticulously selected
  •          we have been working with most of our partners for over 10 years (even more than 30 years for some of them!)
  •          A number of our honeys have received quality labels (such as Label Rouge) and certifications (Ecocert for our organic range).


We are extremely attentive to sanitary procedures so as to preserve our honey's qualities :


  •          our processing and packing house is controlled several times a year
  •          our management tools enable us to ensure thorough traceability of our products


We strive to provide our customers with locally sourced honey and hive-based products from small apiaries whenever possible, which is why:


  •          our labels always explicitly state where the honey comes from
  • most of our honeys are French, and sourced in Provence in particular : you will find them under our brand "Les Ruchers du Mont Ventoux". Our honey range is supplemented by "Le Rucher des Abeilles Bleues" which corresponds to specific types of honey that cannot be produced on a larger scale in France, such as Thyme, Orange blossom or Lemon tree. "L'Abeille Gourmande" jars encapsulate certified organic honeys from France, Spain & Italy.