Augier et Fils is built on craftsmanship know-how and Provence deep-rooted values.

At Augier et Fils, we are committed to:

Share and pass on our savoir-faire

Our company is built on transmission. From generation to generation, we pass on:

  • Our passion for honey
  • Our love for the product
  • Our knowledge and savoir-faire

We are happy to share our passion for honey with you.

Each tasting is unique and reveals delicate flavors and various textures.

Thanks to a close work with our beekeepers and the expertise of Pierrick Augier, our honey master, we can offer you quality products.

We regularly organize honey tastings in our premises in Vaison La Romaine so visitors can discover the secrets of Provence honey.

Enhance the quality of our local honey from Provence

We have put down our roots in Vaison la Romaine for 4 generations, at the foot of Mont Ventoux, under the blue sky of Provence

. It is at the heart of this wonderful terroir that our bees are gathering precious nectars.

We have developed a privileged relationship with our beekeepers partners. Marie, Elian, Julien, Antoine, Christian, Sébastien, Philippe, Nicolas, Cyril, Philippe, Joel are the essence of our company. Thanks to our proximity and trustful relationship with them, we can guarantee the origin and quality of our honeys to our customers.

Most of our honeys beneficiate from quality labelling: Label rouge, Protected Geographical Indication for lavender and flower honey, and our French honeys are certified organic.

We implement rigorous quality standards to ensure an optimal quality: quality checks, regular testing, health and safety program, traceability.

Offer an authentic honey

We are strongly committed to the apicultural sector of Provence and an active member of the Syndicate for Provence and Southern Alps honey (SYMPAS).

The origin of our honey is always clearly indicated on our packaging and communication medium.

Our honeys produced in France can be easily identified under the brand “Les Ruchers du Mont Ventoux”.

Adopt a sustainable and responsible approach

At Augier et Fils, our purpose is simple: offer to our customers a choice of delicious honeys with guaranteed origin and quality.

Today, we are more and more sensitive to ethical and social stakes within our activity.

This is why we have implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter based on 5 objectives:

1) Develop and promote access to a healthy and sustainable food

Our honeys from Provence are natural products, without any additive, with unique flavors that we love to present you throughout honey tasting.

2) Contribute to the economic activity and local development of our land

Our rooting in the terroir has been strengthened through the collaborations that we maintain. With our beekeepers, obviously, but also with the regional corporation club from Vaison, the tourist office and other networks such as “Initiative Ventoux” and “Entreprendre Rhône Durance”.

Link to the tourist office from Mont Ventoux:

3) Minimize our impact on environment

We favor glass jars for a better preservation of our honeys and for environmental protection. We limit our waste to the minimum.

4) Associate our employees, customers, suppliers… to our sustainable approach

All of our partners have signed our CSR charter.

5) Respect our customers and consumers’ interests

we are listening to you and your comments. We pride ourselves on answering to all of your questions.

Delicious products, five-stars customer service

A real gem!!! I am glad I found such a quality lavender honey. Very fine, amazing aromas, I could never go back to another honey!